loreilaï (lilai) wrote,

'You know, I never though I'd ever be grateful for your Robin costume.'

Tim/kon DCU fic teaser <3

Because shakeskp is love and wonders and made me fall into the DC comics.

I blame it all on her !

Workin progress : no plot = no headache, batlube FTW, Tim est un couard sentimental, Conner fait ce qu'il peut, fanboy!Tim, random Dick/Roy
Et fic au présent ? It sucks !


'Good boy.' Tim laughs low, relishing the warm that finally surrounds him, the power of the big soft hands that keep him in place. For a moment he thinks that he may drown in the wave of want and desire that Conner unleashes on him, and the idea doesn't bother him as much as it probably should.


For the first time since he met Robin, -and then Tim-, Conner is in full control, and he can break Tim as well as carry him. And maybe it has more to do with being Superboy than Conner is willing to admit ; but right now Tim has finally given up all his defenses and safety nets to surrender to him, so he's not letting anything else matters. 
Tags: plume, the dcu love is strong in this one

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